Indian officials immediately rushed into damage control mode following Trump’s controversial remarks on Kashmir and clarified that Narendra Modi and Donald Trump never discussed Kashmir issue.

There was no conversation on Kashmir between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of Osaka summit says the official records.

US President Donald Trump outrageously claimed that Narendra Modi had asked him to “mediate” between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. This is completely against the Indian stand which believes in completely bilateral resolution of Kashmir dispute. India always stood by its stand at all international platforms when it comes to Kashmir.

According to sources, even the US Department officials checked all the records and confirmed that no such discussion took place between Trump and Modi in Osaka on the sidelines of G-20 Summit.

Recalling the bilateral meeting between the two leaders the officials told Trump and Modi walked together from India-US-Japan trilateral meeting to the designated room. They posed and were photographed on their way.

Upon reaching the designated room the topics of discussions as listed by the Prime Minister were Iran, bilateral issues, 5G and defence. All the meetings were recorded on camera so there is no scope that Kashmir issue was taken up.

Officials in fact ran through the minutes of meeting and said both the leaders fell short of time and couldn’t discuss the defence related issues.

To contain the damage the US department officials told “obviously Trump was mistaken. The administration has since been scrambling to set the record straight without denouncing him,” as quoted by Times of India.

A senior US official was quoted by TOI as saying “We believe the successful foundation for any dialogue between India and Pakistan was based on Pakistan taking sustained measures against militant and terrorist activities on its soil.”


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