Beware! Hostels, rented rooms, hotels, paying guests accommodations are becoming a nightmare for the woman with hidden cameras fitted the rooms violating one’s privacy.

A 47-year-old landlord was arrested by the Mumbai police on December 19 for allegedly installing a hidden camera inside the room of three girls who were staying as paying guests in his 4-bedroom upmarket apartment.

Police have also seized an adapter in which he had fitted a spy camera. Apart from a spy camera, the cops have also seized the 47-year-old man’s laptop in which all the videos and pictures of the girls were saved.

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The accused landlord owns a four-BHK house at Chowpatty building, Girgaum Chowpatty.

The girls suspected the landlord when he began repeating their conversation or words which the girls had spoken privately in their room. The girls initially thought he was overhearing them.

However, the whole plot came to light when one of the girls spotted an adapter fitted in their room. When the girls searched for it online, they found that it had a spy camera fitted into it. The adapter was also available online.

The girls then approached the DB Marg police station and filed a police complaint.

Harbhajan Singh, who makes such spy cameras, said, nowadays many such spy cameras are available which can be fitted in any equipment. With these spy cameras, one can watch live video recording sitting from any corner of the world. In fact, it also keeps recording with an inbuilt memory card.

The senior police official said they would ensure the girls’ identity would be protected. “These guys will be emboldened further if not checked early,” he added.

“In my opinion, Section 66E of the IT Act will apply to the facts of the case. This section punishes violation of a person’s privacy,” said advocate N S Nappinai, a cyber law counsel. “The punishment being three years imprisonment, unfortunately, makes it a bailable offence when in fact for technology-enabled offences such as these which are a growing menace, the offence ought to be non-bailable,” he added.


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