The missing HDFC Bank vice president has been found dead in Mumbai on Sunday evening. The bloodstained body of 39-year-old Siddharth Sanghavi was found near Navi Mumbai. He is survived by his wife and eight-year-old son.

Accoding to Mumbai police, Siddharth was allegedly murdered because of professional rivalry. A specialist in credit and market risk, Sanghavi rapidly got elevated to the rank of a vice president after his joining the bank in 2007.

The police arrested Sarfaraz Shaikh, a 20-year-old cab driver along with four other people were allegedly hired to kill the executive. The four have been detained for further inquiry.

“We found his role in hatching the conspiracy, murder and destroying Sanghavi’s body,” said Tushar Doshi, a senior police officer.

The 39-year-old bank executive had been missing since Wednesday after he left his office in Kamala Mills compound around 7:30pm. Police suspect that Siddharth had been killed that night itself.


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