Shiv Sena member Ramesh Solanki filed a complaint with the Mumbai police against the global streaming giant Netflix for defaming Hindus globally through various web series hosted on the platform.

Ramesh Solanki accused the US based Netflix for portraying an ‘incorrect picture’ of India across the world. He mentioned names of web series- Sacred Games, Leila, Ghoul and a stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act to justify his stance.

He said in his complaint that Netflix is encouraging such shows with a malicious intent to defame the country on a global level. Ramesh Solanki is a Hindu right wing activist and a member of the IT cell of Shiv Sena partry.

“The web streaming platform is portraying the nation in a bad light and creating a Hindu-phobia among the viewers. One cannot allow an incorrect generalizations’ based on bogus rhetoric trying to defame a religious minority that is Hindus in other countries.” stated the complaint.

He urged the authorities to review the aforementioned content and take necessary actions against Netflix even if it had to cancel the operating licenses of the online streaming giant.

Given the increasing popularity of web series these days, Ramesh Solanki pressed for necessary legal action against Netflix for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.

He attached the copy of the complaint to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis and the Commissioner of Police and the Cyber cell.

On the other hand, the makers of such series claim that it is purely a fictional work of art and do not deliberately intend to hurt any religious sentiments.

They claim that one can always criticize such shows but banning them out rightly is very undemocratic. They said that given the freedom of speech and expression in India, one cannot call for a ban on artistic content on Netflix platform based on some fabricated arguments.





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