A male nurse from a Rajasthan Hospital was arrested for his carelessness of conducting a delivery in which the baby’s body had splitted into two.

The accused named Amrit Lal and his colleague named Jujhaar Singh decided to go ahead with a difficult delivery and not call the doctor. Since the position of the foetus was tricky and he pulled the foetus so hard that it separated the body from the head and the head remained inside the foetus.

One of the nurses(Amrit Lal) has been arrested while Jujhaar Singh is still on the run.

After the tragedy, the accused did not inform any one and deposited the baby’s body in the mortuary. They asked the patient’s husband to take her to a hospital in since she was critical.

On reaching the Umaid hospital in Jodhpur, the doctors induced labour to start and were shocked when the woman delivered only the head and placenta.

The family was informed and her husband then filed a complaint against the Ramgarh hospital staff.

“The woman is doing fine and does not seem to be under any kind of trauma, said Dr Ranjana Desai, Superintendent at Umaid hospital during an interaction with the media.

Dr BL Bunkar, Chief Medical and Health Officer of Jaisalmer told the media that the doctor on duty Dr Nikhil Sharma, who was not called for the delivery, has been removed and put on APO (awaiting posting orders) and will be submitting a report next week.


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