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A Nagaland-registered truck was issued a challan of Rs 6.53 lakh for seven traffic violations in Sambalpur, Odisha — making it the highest traffic rules challan to be imposed.

Sambalpur Regional Transport Office (RTO) imposed the fine on driver Dillip Karta and truck owner Shailesh Shankar Lal Gupta.

Curiously, as many must be thinking, the fine was not issued under the amended Motor Vehicles Act, 2019 that came into effect on September 1. Instead, it was largely for not paying tax for five years — from July 21, 2014 to September 30, 2019 — under the Odisha Motor Vehicles Taxation (OMVT) Act.

Imposed on August 10, the challan of Rs 6,53,100 included the penalty for the non-payment of tax — Rs 6,40,000.

The challan was issued by Sambalpur RTO

Sources told the RTO imposed the rest of the challan penalty on a number of offences — not carrying documents, including vehicle insurance, violating air and noise pollution, carrying passengers on the goods vehicle and violating permit conditions

The challan copy tells, besides the road tax penalty, the RTO fined the truck owner Rs. 100 for general offence, Rs 500 for disobedience of orders/obstruction, Rs 1,000 for violating air and noise pollution, and Rs 5,000 for carrying passengers in a goods vehicle.

Moreover, Rs 5,000 was charged for violating permit conditions and Rs 1,000 for plying without insurance.

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