A man in Odisha was forced to walk eight kilometres with his daughter’s body on shoulders for a post-mortem. His seven-year-old daughter Babita was killed in a landslide in Odisha’s Gajapati district on Thursday.

Due to the incessant rains in the Mahendragiri hills of Gajapati district due post cyclone Titli, Babita got swept away by a landslide and the state government declared her dead based on the information provided by the local panchayats functionaries. However, her body was not traced by the officials.

Dora while walking down to Kainpur government hospital with the body, said, “We found my daughter’s body near a drain on Wednesday afternoon. Police was informed and they came to our village this morning and took photographs of the body.”

He said that the policemen did not make any arrangements to shift the body in the hospital for post-mortem.

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The police, later arranged for an auto-rickshaw for Dora to take body to the Kainpur Hospital.

The incident reminds us of a similar episode in 2016, when a man had walked 10 km carrying his dead wife on his shoulder after being denied a hearse at Bhawanipatna government hospital.


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