A cyclone has hit the Gulf of Thailand in the western part of South China resulting winds and stormy waves hitting the popular villages and tourist spots located on the southeasten coast.

The name Pabuk given to the cyclone means ‘big fresh water fish’.

The cyclone is further heading towards the ‘Andaman Islands’ and a warning related to the same has been issued by the India Meteorological department. This might cause heavy rainfall in the coming days, especially over the weekend.

As per the media reports, the head of Thailand’s weather department said, “heavy rainfall leading to flooding is expected through the night. By tomorrow morning Cyclone Pabuk will emerge out into the Andaman Sea on the west of Thailand”.

The IMD predicted that the cyclone will hit the Andaman Islands on the evening of January 6 which will be preceded by heavy rainfall. At first it will hit the isolated areas of the island with a rise in its intensity over the weekend.

Even the fishing activities have been advised to be suspended in the nearby areas including Bay of Bengal.

After Andaman, the cyclone is suspected to earn towards the Myanmar coast.


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