It was no less than a nightmare for the 166 passengers who were on board when their cabin crew forgot to switch on the ‘bleed switch’ that maintains the pressure inside the flight.

One of the passengers, who were admitted to the hospital after bleeding, has demanded Rs.30lakh as compensation. The passenger further demanded 100 upgrade vouchers alleging improper hospitality.

The following passenger threatened the airline that he will share the video with the media if no compensation is made.

“The passenger claimed that Jet Airways has not taken care of its customers and therefore he should be paid Rs 30 lakh in addition to 100 upgrade vouchers to enable him to travel in a business class on an economy class ticket,” a source said.

According to aviation laws, the airline is liable to pay compensation in case of any injury to the passengers on-board. However, no such compensation has been made or promised to the passengers of the Jet airway’s Mumbai-Jaipur flight’s passengers who suffered nose and ear bleeding. 


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