A passenger on-board a Vistara airline flight had to be offloaded at the Delhi airport on Friday, December 21, after he insisted that he should be allowed to smoke inside the cabin.

The airlines in a statement said, the aircraft was preparing to take off for Kolkata a “unruly” passenger demanded he needed to smoke.

Due to his behaviour, Vistara flight UK 707 was delayed by over three hours.

Smoking is not allowed inside the aircraft on domestic flights.

The same aircraft was earlier flying as Vistara flight UK 946 on the Delhi-Amritsar route. The airline said a passenger in that flight asked to be offloaded with his family due to a personal emergency. “…As a result of which the aircraft had to return to the bay and undergo security re-screening, causing a delay in departure,” the Vistara spokesperson said.

On Friday, the same aircraft operated as UK 707 on the Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata route.

This is not the first incident where a flight was delayed for a specific interval of time. Recently, on November 26, a 21-year-old man travelling on a Mumbai-bound Jet Airways flight was deplaned and taken into custody at the Kolkata airport after he allegedly made a social media post from inside the aircraft claiming he was a terrorist. 

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