When I-T officials landed to raid a shop of Patiala’s famous Chaatwala, to their surprise they discovered an undisclosed income of Rs. 1.2 crore.

I-T officials got suspicious that the owner had not filed tax returns from the past two years.

This came after ten days when a famous pakora shop owner in Ludhiana was compelled to declare an undisclosed income of Rs 60 lakh.

“The owner had not filed IT returns for the past two years. After conducting a discreet survey, tracing the footfall at his shop and monitoring his supplies to other shops and marriages, we raided his Focal Point shop and found that he had made investments running into lakhs in real estate,” said an I-T official, who was part of the raiding team.

Investigations reveal that the Patiala Chaatwala is a wealthy person who had built two party halls and normally charged between Rs 2.5 to Rs 3 lakh per function for his chaat services.

The chaatwala will now have to pay an income tax of about Rs 52 lakh.

I-T sources said there are several eateries in Patiala that are doing brisk business but not paying taxes in accordance with the income generated. The tax officials said that these eateries are under the scanner and actions against them will continue.


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