Four days after a 19-year-old girl was brutally gang-raped in Rewari, a special 8 member SIT team formed to investigate the case, has arrested three people including the main accused. 

“Within 30 hours the SIT has arrested two people ? Deen Dayal and Dr Sanjeev. The main accused Nishu has been nabbed, he is on his way,” said Nazneen Bhasin, in a press conference who is in charge of the SIT investigating the case. 

Those arrested include the owner of the tubewell where the incident took place and a doctor. “Deen Dayal is the owner of the tube-well where the incident took place. Sanjeev is a doctor who was found to be involved, as per all our evidence. The main accused Nishu, had pre-planned this and then called the doctor to the spot later,” added Bhasin.

Talking about the role of Sanjeev in the crime, Bhasin said, “Dr. Sanjeev’s involvement is proved as it was in his knowledge that the girl was held by three boys and she was not conscious about the things happening. He was part of the plan till the end and he didn’t inform any authority.”

“Sanjeev has been booked under Section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and police expect to make more arrests soon. Over 100 people have already been questioned in the case,” Bhasin said.

According to police, the Deen Dayal, who hails from the same village as the victim and the three main accused, had provided the latter with the key to the room next to the tubewell, where the incident took place. He has been arrested on the basis of ‘technical evidence’, say police, and is being questioned further.

(With inputs from ANI and PTI)


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