NRC list, Assam, MHAMinistry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday clarified that citizens excluded from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) list will be provided with necessary legal assistance by the state government. The aid will be made accessible under the guidance of District Legal Services Authorities (DLSA).

According to the recent tweet by MHA Spokesperson, the individual whose name is left out from the final NRC list can challenge the same under the remedial guidelines by the Assam government. No state authority has been given permission to detain any person excluded from the list, it added.

The statement also asserted that the left off individuals will enjoy all rights as they previously did until the solutions prescribed under the law exhausts entirely.

The exclusion from the NRC list does not affect the basic rights like – education, employment, property etc – of any resident in Assam, the tweet read.

In another post, the MHA said that 200 new Foreigners’ Tribunal will be set up over the existing hundred to facilitate the peals submitted by persons excluded from the list. The time limit set to file an appeal is 120 days from August 8.

On August 30, a final NRC list was released excluding 19,06,657 residents of the state. According to officials, these individuals failed to submit their claim before due date.


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