Traffic fine, Gadkari, Nitin Gadkari, fine, traffic, roadRoad Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday assured that the government do not intend to impose unnecessary financial burden on the public through the stiff fines imposed on traffic violators. The current revised fines levied under the amended Motor Vehicles Act is an attempt to make the public aware of the rules and strictly abide by it, he added.

The official statement by the Union Minister comes in the wake of reports of heavy tickets being issued to traffic law violators by designated officials across the country.

According to government data, over 5 lakh death occurs on road in the country. Around 65 per cent of the individuals who die die in these accidents belong to the age group of 18 to 35 years, Cabinet Minister Gadkari noted.

The raise in fine limits updated by the government is not to cause inconvenience, but to garner awareness among the drivers and riders on the road, he added.

The government sims to create a public who strictly follow the rules on road and are aware of the cost of life, Gadkari stressed in his statement.

Reacting to various complaints raised by the public on heavy challan’s imposed, Gadkari remarked that on road people should not remain careless at the cost of their life or anyone else’s.

Earlier this week, an autorickshaw driver hailing from Bhubaneswar was fined 47,500 by the state traffic police. The auto driver was issued the challan because he was found guilty of driving in inebriated state and not possessing a driver’s license.

Emphasising on the gravity of the incident, the Road and Transport Minister said that the country cannot afford to have irresponsible citizens driving vehicles.

Gadkari, taking up the issue of slowdown in the auto-mobile industry due to diminishing demand and supply factor and crunch in global economy, affirmed that the Centre is working on the prospects of improving the business.

The solution to this slowdown will be sketched out under the guidance of Ministry of Finance, he added.


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