Chennai water crisis, Water crisis

Tamil Nadu’s Chennai is facing its worst nightmare as the water levels in the state have gone deep down without a single drop of rain from last 200 days. After a poor monsoon season, India’s largest metropolis relies on lakes which  have dried up due to prolonged heat wave and lack of rainfall.

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Chennai water crisis

The reservoirs drying up is the main reason behind city’s acute water shortage and due to this, various schools and office have cut short the working hours  and many hotels and restaurants have shut down due to water shortage .

Chennai water crisis

The city now relies on water wells and tankers which are brought to city to contain the water crisis. Many people are digging up new wells as deep as 1,000 feet most of which give water that isn’t fit to drink.

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Chennai water crisis

The government water tankers are only able to provide water to a limited part. Due to this, the rest of population relies on private vendors who are minting money off the crisis.

As the water crisis deepens in Chennai, here are the pictures and videos of the city which depicts the extent of water shortage.

Chennai water crisis

The aerial video of the Chembarambakkam Lake, one of the largest fresh water reservoirs in Chennai, shows the extent to which the water body has dried.

Other satellites images show how the Lake Puzhal show how the reservoir have turned dried now compared to last year.

Amid the situation of water crisis, rain respite parched in the drought-hit Chennai on June 20. The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that rains will continue in parts of Chennai for next six days.

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