A view of the Tiware dam which breached following incessant rains, in Ratnagiri.

Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), July 04: Rescue teams have recovered 16 dead bodies so far from Tiware Dam which breached in Ratnagiri district on July 4 that is on Thursday, creating a flood-like situation downstream.

One body was found at least 35 km away from the dam. Gawade said if the body is connected to the dam our search area will be widened and we will have to do a more extensive search.

“We have received information that the body of a woman has been found 35 km away from the dam in Vashishti River. It’s being ascertained if her death was in connection with this incident,” said National Disaster Response Force’s (NDRF) Sachidanand Gawade on Thursday.

After heavy rain in the area, Tiwari Dam in Ratnagiri had breached on Wednesday. Several agencies including NDRF are carrying out rescue operations.

“This is the peak monsoon season, not to mention the debris from the dam has also piled up in the river which is making it hard to search, but our teams are doing their best,” Gawade said.

Talking about the cause of the breach, he said, “There must have been several reasons that contributed to the incident. Experts can comment on the cause of the incident and an investigation should be conducted.”


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