Image: screen grab from the video

In a shameful incident a police constable harassed a 16 year old minor girl in Uttar Pradesh who came to file a complaint of molestation. The video of alleged “interrogation” has gone viral on social media on Thursday.

The minor girl along with her family went to the police station to lodge a complaint related to sexual abuse. The girl’s parents were daily wage workers. Her brother had shot the video in which the constable Tar Babu is seen using objectionable language.

The constable is seen asking the minor girl “Why do you wear a ring? Why are you wearing the necklace? Why wear so many items? You don’t study? What is the use of wearing so much jewellery? This show what you really are…”

And when the parents of the girl tried to intervene, the constable brushed then aside grumpily saying “don’t you see what the girl is doing? You say you work, so don’t you ever come back home?”

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra retweeted the video and wrote in Hindi which read “this is how they behave with a minor girl who came to report on molestation. On one hand, there is no dearth of crimes against women in UP, on the other hand this is the conduct of people who are supposed to protect the people from crimes.”

The incident took place right on a day when the Supreme Court passed orders on a petition related to child abuse and said that special courts should try child abuse cases. The CJI Justice Ranjan Gogoi observed that that some kindness, tact and zeal need to be applied in dealing with cases under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

However, activists opine that this particular case came out because it was recorded on camera, there are many such incidents that minor girls experience. Often minor rape victims are asked to explain the details in front of everyone and are dealt with least sensitivity. Far from seeking justice, such incidents hinders victims from reporting such crimes.

The Constable who Tar Babu who featured in the video questioning the minor girl was reportedly removed and officials told appropriate action will be taken for his actions. It is only after the video went viral that the police lodged an FIR. This shows the dismal state of law and order in the country.


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