In a heart wrenching video, a Rickshaw puller is seen crying as he was struck in neck deep waters unable to pull the vehicle in Patna. Incessant rains caused flood like situation in Bihar bringing normal life to a standstill.

The video of rickshaw puller which was shot by the residents from their balcony in the area went viral on social media. The video appears to be taken from an apartment balcony and the residents can be heard trying to console the rickshaw puller who was crying in distress.

The Rickshaw puller was seen crying for help unable to pull the vehicle. The situation shows how important the rickshaw was for him that he is unwilling to leave it behind to reach a safer ground.


The people recording the video ask him to leave the rickshaw at that place and that they would keep an eye on it but the man refuses to leave his only source of livelihood even at the cost of his life.

The location of the video as shared by a journalist was Rajendranagar in Patna. Several people re-shared the video expressing empathy over such poor state of affairs and anguish over the government for not intervening immediately.

“This is one of the most heartbreaking videos. A man cries as he is unable to pull his rickshaw any further in the #PatnaFloods. He doesn’t want to leave it & go as it’s probably his
only source of income. Such is the poverty and helplessness” wrote a twitter user.

“This is really heart breaking. This rickshaw puller stuck in #patnafloods but he doesnt want to leave rickshaw bcz it is the only
means of earning. Entire city is under water but PM Modi and CM @NitishKumar and Modia is silent as usual,” wrote another twitter user.

Three districts of Bihar namely- Patna, Bhagalpur and Kaimur districts received extremely heavy rainfall for almost 48 hours continuously. Normal life came to a halt. The district administration had ordered all the educational institutions to be closed until the situation subsided.




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