Womanifesto, manisfesto, March 8, International women's day, Women's day, Lok Sabha electionsAhead of the International Women’s Day on March 8, the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations on Wednesday released a ‘Womanifesto’. The manifesto is for consideration of all political parties for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
‘Womanifesto’ deals with the creation of one crore jobs for women in the next five years, ensuring their participation in the peace-making process and in decision-making bodies dealing with the environment.
Provision of free sanitary napkins to girls in schools and free treatment of rape and acid attack victims in all hospitals are the other demands put forward.”
All houses should be registered in the name of husband and wife and marital rape should be criminalised. At least, one-third seats in all internal committees of political parties should be reserved for women,” the manifesto said.
It also raised the point of a 33 per cent tickets to women candidates in the Lok Sabha. “National and regional parties need to give more tickets to women candidates in order to increase their number, and thereby influence policies that reflect women’s holistic development,” Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre for Social Research said.
A pitch for allocation of 30 per cent of the annual budget for growth and development of women under gender budgeting provisions was also introduced in the manifesto. Loan waiver of women farmers if they are unable to pay them due to unavoidable circumstances found a mention too.
It also demanded the creation of one crore jobs for women in the next five years, especially in Information and Technology, health, education and consultancy sectors.
The manifesto also called for inclusion of women in all decision-making bodies dealing with climate change and environment, and 50 per cent participation in all peace committees for resolution of internal and external conflicts since they are the biggest sufferers of conflicts.


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