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Cherry picking historical facts to suit an agenda is against the tenet of truth but in this post-truth world, perception matters more than anything.
BJP, the ruling party of India, has not just pulverized Congress in numerical strength, it has crushed their moral to an extent that India’s oldest political party lost its ability to defend the ideology of one its greatest leaders, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.
In fact, the current Congress leadership is so incapacitated that they have stopped even trying to defend Nehru’s legacy.
Some way or the other, Independent India’s first Prime Minister, Nehru gets blamed for all the wrong doings in the history. Be its partition, the never-ending Kashmir issue or the Chinese aggression.
Recently BJP president and Home Minister Amit Shah questioned Nehru’s policy on J&K and blamed him for partition and chaos in the valley, PM Modi in 2018 also targetted Nehru by saying had Sardar Patel been first PM, entire Kashmir would have been ours.
As it paints Nehru in a bad light, the saffron party brushes over his contribution to the freedom struggle the 3258 days spent behind bars.
Those who idolise Syama Prasad Mukherjee, who by the way was once a minister in Nehru’s government, trivialise the contribution of legends like Nehru and Vallabhbhai Patel portraying them as villains of Modern India. And this transpires in the same parliament that was once a testimony of their love for motherland.
In fact, there is a lot the current dispensation could learn from these Congress veterans. As was evident in their handling of J&K crisis.
They had varied approach when it came to dealing with minorities, stood on different sides of the spectrum over the accord with Jammu and Kashmir’s Maharaja Hari Singh. Also, did not see eye to eye on who should lead the Congress and or be the Presidential candidate.
But, they never called each other anti-national. They stood for the Idea of India, an India where diversity is celebrated, tolerance is promoted, minorities are respected and democracy trumps differences.
(Article contributed by Mohd Saif. Views expressed are strictly personal)


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