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Jaganmohan Reddy might have lost the 2014 elections in Andhra Pradesh but he is all set to give a tough fight to Chandra Babu Naidu’s TDP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “TDP works only for the welfare of cities but Reddy’s YSR Congress will work for the development of both cities and villages of Andhra Pradesh,” a supporter of Reddy said.

Here are the five reasons which make him a powerful leader in Andhra Pradesh:

Recent Raids

The IT raids on TDP leaders have raised a new debate among the voters of Andhra Pradesh. Though they claim these raids to be an act of political revenge, Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSR Congress has found a new issue to talk about. Also, the leader himself has openly spoken about these raids. “They are being raided because they have that kind of black money and we have escaped because we have none,” he told while speaking with a media person.


Jaganmohan Reddy is popular among the masses and he also benefits from the huge support and goodwill his father had in AP. His father, YSR Reddy who died in a 2009 helicopter crash is one of the most loved leaders of Andhra. He was a two-time Chief Minister of AP and won every single election he contested.

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A strong leader

As per the sources, the voters of AP have empathy with Jaganmohan Reddy also because he was not treated well by the Congress Party. He started a condolence tour 6 months after his father death even when the party’s central leadership had refused him permission to do so.

However, Reddy seen as a strong leader parted ways with Congress and started his own party in December 2010. Therefore, the people see him as a political leader who follows his instinct.

Young and dynamic 

Reddy is a 46-year-old political leader who is dynamic and hugely popular among the youth of Andhra Pradesh. According to the experts, a huge number of voters are going to cast their vote for the first time and they are looking forward to a change. “Vote without fear and vote to change,” Reddy said confidently while addressing the first time voters in a press meeting.

Support of other parties 

While YSR Congress has not joined any coalition, it is said to have outside support from parties like BJP and TRS. Therefore, Jaganmohan Reddy can prove to be a key player especially if there is a hung parliament, the sources said.


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