Pragya Thakur on Godse
Pragya Thakur

Congress MPs on Thursday walked out of the Lok Sabha after BJP MP Pragya Thakur made some controversial remarks. She passed comments on Congress and called the assassinator of Nathuram Gods, “deshbhakt”.


While speaking in the Lok Sabha, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in Lok Sabha, said, “Congress was called a terrorist party, the party from which thousands of leaders made sacrifices for the freedom of the nation. What’s happening? Will the House stay silent on this? Mahatma Gandhi’s killer was called ‘deshbhakt’.”

After which Speaker Om Birla said that her remarks are expunged from the record. “What she (BJP MP Pragya Thakur) said has been expunged from the record. How can there be a debate if it is not on record? ”

Rahul Gandhi also spoke on the matter and said that Pragya’s remark reflects the core of RSS and BJP. “What she is saying — that is the heart of the RSS and BJP. It cannot be hidden. I do not need to waste my time demanding action against that woman,” Gandhi told the media.

Rahul Gandhi further said that BJP may try to come out as a worshipper of Mahatma Gandhi but in reality, their sentiments have come out through the remark made by Pragya Thakur. “Nothing can be hidden”, he added.

Pragya Thakur was recently elected for the Parliamentary Committee for Defence though after her remarks she was removed from the panel earlier today.

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She had also called Godse as a ‘patriot’ which was condemned earlier this year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made it clear that such statements would “not be tolerated by the party”.

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