Delhi temperature drops

Delhi recorded a temperature of 4.2 degrees Celsius at the Safdarjung observatory at 6.30 AM on Friday. The visibility due to fog was less than 100 meters.

The temperature is expected to fall more, until at least December 29 in Delhi as per the reports of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). The nights will get colder and the temperature may drop further.   

The regional weather department has already predicted that the month of December is going to be the second coldest for Delhi in a century because of significantly low day temperatures. The mean maximum temperature this month till Thursday is 19.84°C. The lowest mean maximum temperature in the city was recorded in 1997 at 17.3°C.

Delhi registered a ‘severe’ cold day with a maximum temperature of 13.4 degrees Celsius and a minimum on Thursday. This temperature is seven degrees and two degrees below the normal, respectively.

 “Though there has been some sunlight, it’s not intense to warm the earth’s surface,” a senior IMD scientist said.

He added that on December 28, there can be a change in wind direction to easterly, temporarily, but night temperatures will continue to fall.

Weather experts said air quality may deteriorate from December 28-29 due to an increase in fog cover and reduced wind speed. The air quality index (AQI) at 7.30 am on Friday was 364, as against the overall AQI of 349, the previous day.

According to IMD, in Delhi and many parts of northwest and central India might experience rain and hailstorm due to a disturbance which might affect the western Himalayan region from December 30.


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