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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday lashed out Prime Minister Narendra Modi referring to him “Mad-dy babu.” 

She went on to accuse that PM Modi becomes a “chai wala” while after the polls in the country he becomes “Rafale wala”. 

When a reporter asked that ‘you said Modi babu is lying…’, Mamata promptly said, “I did not call him Modi babu, I called him Mad-dy babu.” 

She further said, “If you take ‘panga’ (fight) with me, I will become ‘changa’ (energised). Don’t think we are scared of you. I have always fought my way out. I am afraid of no one.”

Speaking to the media, Banerjee exclaimed, “Maddy babu is the master of corruption. He is the master of arrogance and a shame for the country. I have no words to describe him. His standard is so low that we never expected such a man to be the prime minister. We have respect for the chair but not for this man.”
“From RBI to CBI, why is everybody saying bye-bye to him (Prime Minister Modi)?” she added.
The remarks came after the Prime Minister accused West Bengal CM of trying to protect those involved in chit fund scams and “guarding the corrupt”, at a rally in Jalpaiguri.
Banerjee retorted that the PM was “scared” after seeing the country uniting to drive him out.

“What has he been doing all these five years? He has completed five years in government. Now they are doing all these to suppress our political voice. ‘Maddy’ babu is bluffing… people have turned away from them (BJP) and they will not be able to withstand this blow of the common people,” she said.
 She also asked why BJP leaders, whose name surfaced in the Saradha scam, were not arrested.

She also criticised the Centre for asking the state government to act against five senior state police officers who attended her dharna. 

A few days ago, a full-blown face-off between the Mamata Banerjee government and the Centre erupted after a CBI team attempted to arrest Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar for his alleged connection in the Saradha chit fund case.

Escalating her confrontation with the Centre, Banerjee started a sit-in on the night of February 3 to protest, in what her Trinamool Congress party called a “coup” by the Modi government. However, Banerjee ended her fast on February 5.


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