JNUSUJNU Students’ Union condemned the JNU administration for a circular informing the students that the evaluation of students in the upcoming exams will be conducted in different modes.

The student union on Tuesday accused the administration of turning JNU into a ‘WhatsApp university’ and called for an academic boycott in protest of the said circular.

The JNU administration maintained that the decision was taken keeping in view the academic future of the bonafide students. The administration also said that some students are prevented from writing the end semester examinations by some protesting students.

“Those who refuse to write the exams on their own will, in spite of the fact that the University is making every effort to conduct the examinations, will not be eligible to register in the next semester if they do not fulfil the academic requirements as per University ordinances,” the JNU administration circular read. Meanwhile, JNU students’ union, who have been protesting against fees hike, said that students union are also standing in support of JMI and AMU against the Citizenship Amendment Act.


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