Pragya Thakur
Pragya Thakur in the Parliament. (Image Courtesy: LSTV)

BJP MP Pragya Thakur has submitted a breach of privilege notice to Lok Sabha Secretariat against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for calling her a “terrorist”.

Recently while speaking in the Lok Sabha Pragya Thakur called Nathuram Godse, assassinator of Mahatma Gandhi, a “deshbhakt”. Following this, Congress MPs walked out of the parliament and Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Terrorist Pragya calls terrorist Godse, a patriot. A sad day, in the history of Indian Parliament”.

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Following this Pragya Thakur, today submitted a privilege motion, “I want to tell the House that a member has publicly called me a terrorist. Despite the conspiracies of the then government against me, no charge has been proved against me. Without charge having been proved, calling me a terrorist is against the law. It is an attempt to insult me as a woman, as a sanyasi as an MP, and is an attack on my dignity.”

“BJP MP of Bhopal further said that her words were taken in a wrong context. The way my words have been twisted, it is condemnable. I respect the service done by Mahatma Gandhi for the country”, she said.

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She later apologised for her comments even as she insisted that the comment was not intended for Naturam Godse but at Revolutionary Udham Singh. “On November 27 during the discussion on SPG bill, I did not call Nathuram Godse ‘deshbhakt’, did not take his name. Even then if someone has been hurt, I express regret and seek an apology,” she said in the Parliament.

After Gandhi’s tweet, Union Minister Giriraj Singh has demanded that Pragya Thakur should give privilege notice against Rahul Gandhi for ‘terrorist’ remark. “Rahul Gandhi will have to apologise or he will face a privilege motion,” said Singh while speaking to ANI.

Earlier this year, Pragya Thakur had made similar comments on Nathuram Godse after which Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself condemned her statement. After her comment in the Parliament the second time, she was also removed from the Parliamentary defence panel.

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