BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh at 9 pm on March 23.

In his speech after the oath ceremony, Chouhan spoke on the spread of novel coronavirus. He urged the citizens to stay indoors and maintain social distancing as it is the need of the hour.

After the fall of 15-month-old Kamal Nath Government due to the resignation of the senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia and other 22 MLAs from Madhya Pradesh, BJP is back in power with 107 seats.

This is Chouhan’s fourth tenure as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Shivraj first became the CM of Madhya Pradesh back in 2005 as he was also the State President of BJP back then. Chouhan, contested a by-election from Budhni assembly constituency (where he also won the first-ever seat) the following year, winning his old seat.

In 2008, Chouhan retained his Budhni seat again and led the BJP to a second consecutive victory in the state as he was sworn in for his second term. In December 2013, Chouhan won Legislative Assembly elections in Budhni and Vidisha and was elected as Chief Minister of MP for a third term. However, in December 2018, after failing to gain a majority in the 2018 Madhya Pradesh assembly election, Chouhan resigned as Chief Minister.

In an Assembly where the strength went down to 206 from 230 after the resignations of 22 MLAs, Kamal Nath announced his resignation as Congress couldn’t cross the majority mark 104. A 10-day long political drama finally concludes as Shivraj Sing Chouhan today takes his seat as the new Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.


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