Mahua Moitra

Opposing the motion of thanks presented by the President, TMC MP Mahua Moitra said in her maiden speech listing all the reasons why she chose to oppose the motion of thanks.

“Sir, I rise to oppose the Motion and to speak in support of the amendments made by our party. First of all, let me begin by humbly accepting the resounding mandate that this government has got. But, it is the very nature of the overwhelmingness of this mandate, of the totality of this mandate, that makes it necessary for us to be heard today, the voice of dissent to be heard today.”

Saying this she quoted an excerpt from freedom fighter Maulana Azad“It is India’s historic destiny that many human races and cultures should flow to her, finding a home in a respectable soil and that many a caravan should find rest here. There are cultures, our languages, our poetry, our literature, our art, the innumerable happenings of our daily life shall bear the stands of our joined endeavour.”

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She further listed out the dangerous signs of fascism that are creeping into the system.  First sign being the narrow superficial idea of nationalism being sphered into our national fabric.

The second sign is that – there is a resounding disdain for human rights that is permeating in every level of governance. Mahua Moitra even cited the number of hate crimes have seen a tenfold increase in the last five years.

Third sign according to the TMC MP is that there is an unimaginable subjugation and control of mass media today. She alleged that TV channels spent a majority of airtime broadcasting propaganda for the ruling party.

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Fourth sign Mahua Moitra pointed out was an obsession with national security – identification of enemies referring to the usage of achievements of the Indian army in the name of one man.

Fifth sign she sited is that the government and religion are now intertwined in this country. She said the government attempted targeting only one community through its anti-immigration laws in the form of NRC and citizenship amendment bill.

The sixth sign she alleged is the most dangerous one where there is complete disdain for intellectuals and the arts.

The seventh sign she told the house was that there is an erosion of independence in our electoral system.

After her speech resounding the house she concluded saying “I do not dispute the resounding mandate that this Government has got but I have the right to disagree with your idea that ‘there was no one before and that there should be no one after you.”


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