Priyanka Gandhi, Congress General Secretary of UP East was detained by police after staging ‘dharna’ against the Sonbhadra incident at Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh on Friday.

Police stopped Priyanka Gandhi in Narayanpur enroute to meet the victim’s families in Sonbhadra where Section 144 was imposed. The Congress leader sat there protesting along with her supporters.

Sitting on Dharna Priyanka Gandhi said “I told them I would take only 4 people. Yet the administration is not letting us go there they should tell us why we are being stopped and we will continue to sit here peacefully.”

While the police were taking her away from the protesting spot she told media ‘I don’t know where they are taking me, we are ready to go anywhere.”

The Congress leader was on her way to meet the families of the victims who were shot dead in Sonbhadra over a dispute regarding a piece of land on Wednesday.

According to poilce 9 gond tribesmen were killed for protesting the takeover of their land by the village head. Dispute began when the village head went to take the possession of a piece of land which he had bought two years ago.

As the tribesmen opposed the move, a dispute broke out and triggered firing by the aides of the village head killing 9 people including 3 women. The ghastly incident took place in Ubbha village of Ghorawal in UP.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi reacted strongly to the Sonbhadra incident. She took to twitter and said “In the BJP ruled state, the confidence of the criminals is so high that broad-day light killings are continuously happening. The killing of 9 Gond tribesmen, including 3 women, by the land mafia in Umbha village of Sonbhadra is heart-wrenching. Administration and Chief Minister are all sleeping. Is this how the state will be crime free?”

On Friday UP CM Yogi Adityanath responded to the Sonbhadra incident and said at least 29 criminals were arrested till now. A single barrel gun and 3 double barrel guns and a rifle were seized.

The CM said “whoever is responsible for the incident, strictest action will be taken against them. Government has ordered suspension of 4 officials.”

A 3 member committee was set up to give a detailed report on the issue within ten days. the committee will investigate the Sonbhadra incident all the way from 1955.


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