Constable Shyam Singh, Utter pradesh, Police, Rekha Verma, BJP
Constable Shyam Singh (Image: Screengrab)
In a shocking and bizarre incident in Uttar Pradesh, BJP’s MP from Lakhimpur Kheri, Rekha Verma slapped a police constable allegedly for ‘not following instruction.’
Shyam Singh, a constable with UP Police, filed a complaint against Rekha, after which an FIR was registered against her.
He was on escort duty with the MP.
Speaking to media, the constable said, “On Sunday MP Rekha Verma had come here to attend a function and we were on our duty. After the function, MP Rekha Verma was going back and we had to escort the vehicle till the border area. Other police constables Pankaj Rajput, Vivek Rawat along with Sub Inspectors Gaurav Singh and Arun Kumar were also present with me.
“Constable Pankaj Rajput who has earlier also been the gunner of MP Rekha Verma asked her if we had to escort her to that particular point or further, to which the MP affirmed that we had to escort her to that particular point.”

“We escorted vehicle till that point and turned back, we had barely driven 500 metres from the point where we had escorted the vehicle, and we got a call from the MP to come back. We were turning back our vehicle in the meantime Verma arrived at that particular point and asked for the driver of the escort police vehicle.”
“I stepped forward as I was driving the vehicle and MP Rekha Verma started to misbehave with me and slapped me. When I asked about my mistake, she pulled up the window glass of her car and sped away” the constable added.
After the incident, Singh had threatened to commit suicide if no FIR was filed against Verma, a media report stated.
A leading Hindi daily said that Rekha had denied allegations of slapping the constable saying that she merely scolded the constable for indecent behaviour.


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