In an amusing case, a 20 year old youth stole a police patrol bike in Hyderabad. The Police patrol bike was parked outside Chaderghat police station. The incident took place on Tuesday midnight.

Two cops came on the bike and rushed inside as they were thirsty leaving the keys to the bike. The 20 year old youth identified as Madhu who hails from Suryapet, found the bike with the keys and sped away.

The police who noticed the bike theft immediately tracked the vehicle using the General Radio Service (GPRS) tracker system that the vehicle is equipped with. The police then alerted the Rachakonda police through the walkie-talkie in whose direction the vehicle was moving.

Within 40 minutes the Rachakonda police caught Madhu red-handed and took him to custody. The two-wheeler was handed over to the cops.

The Chaderghat police arrested Madhu and registered a case under IPC section 379 for punishment for theft.

According to the police the vehicle was coming from Uppal and was moving towards Khammam district.

The LB Nagar Traffic police Sub-Inspector along with two other constables received the alert on their walkie-talkie and stopped the vehicle.

The Rachakonda police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat rewarded the Sub-Inspector and the other two constables with a cash prize for their swift action that helped nab the police patrol bike thief.


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