According to Mercer’s study in its latest edition, Hyderabad is one of the best cities to live in India. The year 2019 is the third consecutive year when Hyderabad has been on the top of the list, and this needs to be probed further.

Let’s know the 5 best reasons why Hyderabad is standing high amongst all the cities in the country.

The Mercer study has looked into the living conditions of the expats and other residents, and for the past three years, Hyderabad has been ranked at 144th, above New Delhi and Pune. The city has been ranked above these cities based on good schools, lower crime rates and low pollution levels as compared to other cities in the country. It also has a throbbing job market due to its well funded IT segment. Though the study gives an analysis of the city in good books yet the real reasons are not brought so well in the study.

Delicious Hyderabadi cuisine!

All other things are set aside, the aromatic cuisine of Hyderabad is something the city is well known for. The famous Hyderabadi Biryani is the flagship dish of the city. The Hyderabadi cuisine is also called Ghizaayat and has evolved under the influence of Muslim sultanates. The Hyderabadi biryani is cooked with either mutton or chicken and most of the people who tasted it have commented the best option is mutton biryani. The city has much more lip-smacking dishes to offer which comes with the taste mixed from the kitchens of Turks, Arabs, Mughals, Marathwada, and Telugus.

The rich cultural heritage

The city is culturally well built and that’s the reason why its cuisine is also so rich and aromatic. This city has been influenced by varied rulers in separate times under different dynasties, leaving the stamp of each on its cultural heritage. The city is throbbing with the bustling legacy in its buildings, roads and varied cultures amongst its residents along with the bazaars and minarets surrounding the city. The city is known to be the throbbing trading centers of the country and has the stamp in the form of Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi tombs, Chowrnahalla Palace and the Charminar that decorates the center of the city with a throbbing market around.

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A flamboyant mix of people

The city is known for the friendly citizens as compared to other cities in the country. The people in the city are inviting and always a pleasure to meet. The city is known as the city of smiling faces. The city has been growing under the influence of varied kingdoms leading to the mix of cultures available in the city. The city has people speaking languages Telugu, Hindi and Urdu more fluently making it a much approachable city from all corners of the country.

Living in Hyderabad and its accessibility

The city is on the top due to its lower cost of living and the safety reasons it provides for its inhabitants as compared to other metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune in the country. Law and order are much commendable as compared to the state capital of the country. The crime rate is much lower as compared to other cities. The Infrastructural facilities are also better, but the water scarcity is one of the major issues that Hyderabad has slipped down five positions this year.

Hyderabad is one of the most sought after cities in India to munch on, meet the flamboyance and get drenched in the culture along with the beautiful places to visit in the city to look around.


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