A day after a news report titled “emaipothunnaru?” published by Eenadu on missing persons in the state created panic among the citizens, Telangana police explained the reasons behind the numbers.

The report mentions that 546 people were reported missing just within 10 days from June 1st to June 10th in and around Hyderabad. The report accuses Telangana police of the attitude in tackling the increasing number of missing cases in the state.

The report has created panic among the people who spread the word using social media like facebook and whatsapp asking them to be vigilant. Citizens responded on social media questioning the credibility of Telangana Police.

However, data collected from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) says given the population in the state 546 missing cases are not unusual. In fact, the TNM reports that 16,134 people went missing in 2016. It means at least 44 persons were missing every day on an average.

Inspector General of Police, Women’s safety Swati Lakra says that “the numbers are not alarming. Summer is the time when a large number of missing cases are filed. And most of these are children who run away from homes in fear of exams or before schools reopen and in all these incidents, parents file a case within 3-4 hours of the child going missing. But an important thing to be noticed here is that a considerable number of these children return home once the panic dies down. But since the cases are filed, they become a part of the state statistics.”

When questioned about the huge number of missing women, Lakra added “The families of women are easily perturbed. They file a complaint if they are late from work or are not found for a few hours. While we appreciate this kind of vigilance from the side of citizens, the fact is that an equal number of men or even more go missing compared to women. However, it usually takes a family 2-3 days to file a case when it comes to men.”

However, the police claim a success rate of 85 percent in all these cases while the data according to NCRB says the success rate is only 67.2 percent in 2016. Explaining this DGP Swat Lakra asks not to go by the numbers as they keep changing every month.

Moreover, she added that the CID has a special wing to trace the persons if they are not found within four months despite best efforts by the police. They even use face recognition technology which has helped solve many cases.


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