An Air India Aircraft travelling from Delhi to Vijayawada reportedly sustained damages due to a thunderstorm on Saturday. Passengers and crew members have suffered minor injuries.

The Flight AI-467 departed from Delhi at 7.28pm and was scheduled to arrive at Vijayawada airport at 9.40pm.

According to sources the incident took place on September 17, but the pilot and the crew did not report the incident to the flight safety department of the Airline on time. This amounts to violation of the protocol.

Upon learning about the incident the Air India launched an investigation to study the lapses. Passengers and crew members suffered bruises and abrasions.

Pictures of the incident surfaced that showed food trays and other things scattered on the floor of the airline while a crew member is seen receiving first aid for the injuries.

The Air India aircraft experienced severe turbulence due to thunderstorm that even displaced the commode.

It is expected that the plane must have dropped suddenly due to turbulence. Experts say that it is common to experience such turbulence especially in this season, but this one is an extreme one. Passengers travelling in the Air India plane were reportedly traumatized.



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