AP Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy (File photo)

Andhra Pradesh government on Tuesday said it has allotted Rs 1.20 crore for annual maintenance of camp residence of Chief Minister for 2019-20

“The Government of Andhra Pradesh has allotted Rs 1.20 crore for annual maintenance of Camp residence of Chief Minister for 2019- 20,” a statement from the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s office said.

The government has also sanctioned Rs 39 lakh for furniture in the camp residence of the chief minister, it added.

Accordingly, two government orders were issued on Monday by Principal Secretary M T Krishna Babu.

The YSRCP government has already sanctioned more than Rs 15 crore for various development activities like construction of check posts, security arrangements among others at Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s camp residence at Tadepalli Guntur) as well as for Javan’s Lotus pond residence in Hyderabad.

The massive expense received flake from the opposition. The Telugu Desam Party has been questioning why the exchequer being burdened for Chief Minister’s camp residence, while Reddy is claiming to take only Rs 1 as salary. (ANI)


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