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Requesting centre to follow National Population Register (NPR) in 2010 format, Andhra Pradesh assembly will pass a resolution in the ensuing budget session.

Announcing the decision, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister tweeted saying some of the questions proposed in the NPR are causing insecurities in the minds of minorities of his state.

Jagan said that after elaborate consultations within the party, it has been decided that Andhra will request the central government to revert the conditions to those prevailing in 2010.

Andhra Pradesh will be the second state to implement the NPR in its 2010 format after Bihar assembly passed the resolution on the same.

In the new NPR form, the applicant needs to answer three additional questions including date of birth and place of parents, and last residential address.

The YSR Congress Party has 22 members in the Lok Sabha and two In the Rajya Sabha. The party had voted for the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the Parliament.


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