Six students from an Andhra Pradesh school were forced to stand naked inside the compound Andhra Pradesh school as a punishment for being late in the class. The action got huge criticism from the child activists. Following the protests, the district education officer initiated a probe in the incident which resulted in the arrest of a teacher on charges of treating minors in an “inhuman” manner. The school also lost its accreditation to the state board.

Gauri Sankar, who investigated the case, said the students aged between nine and ten years — were allegedly stripped as punishment for coming late to class. “Corporal punishment is not acceptable. We have withdrawn the recognition granted to the school and lodged a police complaint,” said Mandal Education Officer Leela Rani, confirming that the allegations were true.

Activist Achyutha Rao stated in a letter to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights that meting out such punishment amounts to committing a “heinous crime”. “Incidents like these can have a deep psychological impact on children. They need to be counselled to cope with the trauma,”said Rao in a media interaction.

A case has been filed under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Juvenile Justice Act.


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