With the sole aim of weaving a tricolor flag without any stitches, a weaver from Andhra Pradesh did all that was needed to fulfill his dream.

R. Satyanarayana, a handloom weaver from Andhra Pradesh has sold his ancestral house when he needed 6.5 lakh to meet his expenses in his pursuit.

Satyanarayana, a resident of Vemavaram village in Andhra Pradesh weaved 8X12 feet Indian Tricolor flag in a continuous strip without added attachments. He claims that there is no such flag available in the country. In almost all the flags, the saffron, white and green bands are stitched together.

The handloom weaver apparently spent 4 years in making his tricolor dream come true. Satyanarayana has gifted this flag to Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he came to Vishakapatnam but did not get time to explain its uniqueness.

When asked about how he had this idea, R.Satyanarayana explained when he was watching a short film titled ‘Little Indians’ he actor stitches the three bands together to make a tricolor. It was then he had this idea of an unstitched and weaved flag.

He now wants his flag to be hoisted on the iconic Red Fort.


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