An Ola cab driver had reportedly left a woman on a poorly lit Begur Road at 3.30 am in Bengaluru after she questioned him on taking an alternative route. The woman tried to press the emergency button on the ola app but to no use.

The incident took place on Monday. The 32 year old woman was a senior software manager who works with a software company and was on her way back from Kempegowda International Airport to her residence in Indiranagar.

The techie landed in Bengaluru around 3.20 am after a trip to Colombo. She told a national newspaper that after boarding the cab, in ten minutes she realized that the Ola cab driver was taking the Begur Road instead of the National Highway- 44.

The woman insisted that he turn around and take the NH-44. The driver argued he was following the map. The techie then pressed the emergency button on the app and that’s when he asked me to get off the vehicle.

The techie says she instantly remembered a similar incident that took place on the same Begur Road where a Kolkata model was murdered just two months ago in July.

The techie asked the cab driver to call up his supervisor. By then he was already speaking on phone with someone in Kannada saying the woman in the cab was drunk and was not allowing him to take the route that the map was showing. That was when she got off the cab.

The place where the Ola cab driver asked her to get off was deserted and had no street lights in the area. The woman had to call her friend who travelled in the same flight to come and pick her up.

She called the customer support number and the person put her on hold stating that the call would be transferred to the supervisor but hung up in few minutes. The woman later received a mail that her issue was resolved and that the ticket was closed.

Furious on the irresponsibility by the cab aggregator, the woman took to twitter and tagged the founder of the company. That is when she got a call from a supervisor. The techie even filed a complaint in this regard. Police told that they asked the cab aggregators not to take the Begur Road once it gets dark.

The cab aggregator however maintained that they have addressed the issue and suspended the Ola cab driver after receiving the complaint.



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