The 12 year old Karnataka boy who risked his life to guide an ambulance carrying six children to safety will be honored with Bravery award.

Venkatesh is studying in 6th standard and is a resident of Hirerayanakumpi village in Devadurga Taluk of Raichur District won hearts on the internet as a video showing him guiding the ambulance sliding through neck deep waters surfaced on the internet.

IAS officer Manivannan reportedly wrote to the women and Child development department to honor the boy with the bravery award on Wednesday.

On asking what drove him to do so, Venkatesh told that he went to the bridge to see the water level and found an ambulance waiting. “the ambulance was carrying six children to hospital, the driver’s face was worried as he did not know the depth of the waters. I told him I’d walk across and help him gauge the depth” said Venkatesh.

“At one point water reached my neck but since I knew how to swim I was confident that I can make it across the bridge and I did” added

The boy’s family had no clue about his feat until it was aired on television. Though his mother scolded him for risking his own life, she later appreciated him. His brother also praised him and told there were many people around but my brother came to their rescue.

“Such good samaritans should be encouraged for their spirit and courage. These are the kind of citizens we need for the future” wrote a twitter user.

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