A three month old infant died after a major fire broke out in Shine Children’s hospital in Hyderabad on Monday Morning. Another four infants who were in the neo natal ICU (NICU) that caught fire were shifted to other nearby hospitals and are in critical condition.

The fire services department which received a call at around 3 am in the morning rushed to the spot to douse the flames. All the patients were immediately moved out.

According to an official in the fire department, the blaze was caused due to a short circuit in the air conditioning unit inside the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The fire department official also added that the fire safety measures in the hospital were dysfunctional. He said “none of the fire safety equipment in the hospital was functional.  The NICU room did not even have any smoke detector or fire alarm.”

The fire department officials also observed that the hospital staff was not trained to handle such emergency situations.

Shine hospital is located at LB Nagar in Hyderabad and falls under Rachakonda commissionerate. Police rushed to the spot immediately and evacuated the patients before the fire department arrived.

Poor fire safety measures in the building had led to the fire accident and took a life of an infant. The family and relatives of the deceased infant were inconsolable and accused the Shine management for their negligence in the NICU unit.

The fire department official said that it is the responsibility of the local municipality to ensure compliance with fire safety norms of building that are less than 15 meters and that the hospital is less than 15 meters height.



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