Picture credits: Nagara Gopal

The accident in Hyderabad on November 23 killed a woman and four people suffered injuries after a red colour Volkswagen car lost control and fell off from the newly inaugurated Biodiversity park flyover.  


The mishap could have caused more damage if it had occurred on a weekday. 


There were only four autos and very few people at the auto stand at the time of the incident and if the signal at the junction was not red, many more lives would have been lost.


The usually busy Hitec X roads auto stand, situated at the junction of Biodiversity park on the road towards IKEA, became a heap of branches from an uprooted tree on the roadside, as the car overturned from the flyover. The victims’ shoes, damaged car window panes and four other vehicles scattered around.


Auto driver M Balaraju, who was injured in the mishap, said “He was waiting at the auto stand when he saw the car crashing down from the flyover. All of us ran for safety, but the car landed on the tree, uprooting it and injuring us. I managed to run, but one of the wheels from the vehicle hit my back and I fell to the ground,”


Balaraju added after being discharged from the hospital. His brother M Narayana, who is also an auto driver, witnessed the car falling to the ground.


He was waiting at the signal on the other side of the road. “Many vehicles had stopped at the junction because of the red signal. If it had happened a few seconds before or after, more lives could have been lost. May be the red signal had saved all our lives,” he said.


Two more drivers, Pandu and Kranti were injured from the car’s broken window panes. 


Kranti said “My auto was completely damaged in the accident. I have rented this auto from my brother-in-law and this accident has completely destroyed my livelihood. I am worried about how to run my family now”. 


Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar and other officials visited the spot. The Raidurgam police have registered a case under different sections, including Indian Penal Code 304(A) (causing death by negligence).

(with input from agencies)


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