A popular pub in Hyderabad asked a woman to remove her Hijab citing it was against their dress code, without respecting her religious sentiments.

Even more shocking is that the pub staff told the woman in Hijab that if they do not want to remove their religious clothing, they could sit in the sofa that was placed in the far corner where they wouldn’t be visible to others.

The victim accused the management of Air Live pub for the discrimination meted out to them. Air Live is a high profile pub at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

When the woman was seated at the bar counter along with two other friends, one of the managers of the bar approached her male friend Kunal and told him to ask her to visit the restroom and remove her Hijab.

This left the woman shocked as to why the management thought that her male friend has any authority over her and why couldn’t they confront her directly.

Kunal said that he had been to the pub a couple of times before, once even with his mother who was wearing a saree when no dress code was mentioned. When he pointed that everyone had the freedom to wear clothes they wish, the manager asked one of the staff members to call the bouncers.

When Kunal threatened the management that he’d make the incident public by posting it on social media, the management budged a bit and said they could sit on the sofa far away from where they wouldn’t be visible.

The woman claimed she and her friends too faced similar situations at other pubs for her choice of clothing. While the management of the pub said that all these high profile pubs have certain dress codes- like they do not allow men coming in slippers. They justified the act saying Hijab was not allowed as per their policy.


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