Christchurch Shooting
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Three Telangana residents were among eight Indian citizens killed in the horrific attacks on worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Sources in the Indian government confirmed that a 25-year-old student hailing from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh was among those killed by the 28-year old white supremacist who executed the deadliest attack in New Zealand’s recent history.
The Indian High Commissioner’s office in New Zealand confirmed the death of 25-year old Ozair Khadir, a resident of Noor Khan Bazaar in Hyderabad.  The victim was a student of aeronautical engineering sciences in the island nation. Khadir’s father was touring Saudi Arabia when he was informed about the attacks.
News reports indicate that Khadir’s family had lost contact with him in the immediate aftermath of the attacks in Christchurch. The Indian High Commissioner’s office had digitally responded to a tweet from the victim’s relative expressing concern about his fate.
Khadir was confirmed dead by the Indian High Commission in New Zealand a day after the attacks. Victims from Telangana also include Mohammed Imran Khan of Karimnagar and Farhaj Ahsan from Hyderabad.
Ancy Ali from Kerala was among the Indian victims in Christchurch. The 25-year old Indian citizen from Kerala was a post-graduate student living in Christchurch with her husband. Injured worshippers are undergoing medical treatment in Auckland’s Starship Hospital. The latest reports suggest more than 50 citizens fell to the bullets of the gunman when he unleashed violence in a place of worship.


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