In Hyderabad, the extended IT corridor is set to create 5 lakh more jobs in the city in the next couple of years. Given the rate of expansion in and around the financial district, IT professional are expecting a huge rise in the employment for youth.

The infrastructure building is going on at full pace building hopes for the youth for a brighter future. The jobs in IT sector are expected to double to about 5 to 10 lakh in the next three to four years says Murali Bollu, founder and CEO of ZenQ, President of Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (Hysea) as quoted by TOI.

He added that given the rate of construction happening in the Hitech City-Gachibowli area, an additional 50 million sft will be added which will in turn ensure at least 10 lakh more jobs in the next three to four years.

On the sidelines of curtain raiser event of the 27th edition of Annual Innovation Summit & Awards 2019 to be held in the city on August 1, Murali said new jobs are expected to be created in areas of emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence, data sciences, Blockchain technologies to name a few.

These futuristic technologies will rule the IT world in the times to come. Hyderabad is believed to have a conducive environment for the emerging technologies with huge number of youth passing out each academic year to be absorbed by the industry.


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