Amid the political crisis in Karnataka, the Governor Vajubhai Vala steps in on the request of Karnataka BJP leaders and asks the speaker to hold the trust vote by the end of the day.

The Governor’s message to Speaker Ramesh Kumar read  “The motion of confidence moved by the CM of Karnataka is in consideration before the house today. the CM is expected to maintain the confidence of his house during all times of his tenure. I therefore send message to the house to consider completing the process by the end of the day.”

BJP leaders led by BS Yedyurappa met Governor over the delay in the proceedings and requested him to direct the speaker to fasten the proceedings of trust vote.

In the midst of the political turmoil the BJP lashed out at Congress JD(s) coalition claiming they have lost the majority in the house and are ‘disrespecting the constitution.”

A heated debate took place in the Vidhan Soudha. Karnataka Congress MLA Shrimant Patil was admitted in hospital in Mumbai after complaining chest pain. 


Another Congressman DK Shiva Kumar alleged that Patil was forced to take refugee in hospital and that he was deliberately moved to Mumbai hospital to abstain him form voting. Congress leader even tabled papers of his flight tickets to Mumbai alleging poaching by the BJP.

Congress leaders showed his pictures to the Speaker and asked him to protect their legislators. The even complained about the BJP meeting the Governor.

The Speaker however said the opposition has the right to meet the governor and seek intervention. Speaker also sought detailed report on Patil and his condition.

Another Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao alleged conspiracy over Patil’s hospitalization.

Earlier in the day, in a major relief to the ruling coalition Ramalinga Reddy returned to support the ruling coalition. 

Over the issue of ‘Whip’, speaker clarified that parties are free to issue whip to its members as per the provisions of Anti-defection law.


The Congress-JDS coalition is facing a trust vote in the Karnataka Assembly on Thursday. The speaker had on July 15 scheduled the trust vote to July 18.

When BS Yedyurappa asked the speaker to fix a time limit, Karnataka Chief Minister who is facing the trust vote in the house said ” We have not yet discussed the reasons for which we have to face the trust vote. I will not speak about the court order.”

“The MLAs have given single line resignations. In the SC they have said that the government has been rocked by scandals. The IMA scandal, the JSW land scam. In the Lok Sabha despite the coalition government contesting together they lost miserably.”

“How can I live with this and not discuss this? I have to make clarifications. Who is responsible for destabilizing this government?” questioned HD Kumaraswamy.

“The country needs a strong government not a mahagathbandhan. They have not spoken about the work we’ve done about the floods in Kodagu last year and in addressing the drought. The opposition leader has said we have failed then should we not discuss these matters? Vidhan Soudha is in the pages of Parliamentary history for its conduct. It is not important if the coalition survives, but we must discuss this conspiracy to weaken democracy,” said the Chief Minister sternly.

HD Kumaraswamy in his speech in the house said “I haven’t come just because there is a question on whether I can run a coalition government or not. Events have shown that even the role of the Speaker has been put under jeopardy by some legislators.”

“Even back when my father was CM, you know how the political developments were. I have honestly worked for the sake of the people. I take this as a huge opportunity to serve the people of Karnataka. It’s important for us to discuss what BR Ambedkar gave us in the form of the constitution” he added.

On July 17, amid reports of rebel MLAs skipping the trust vote, the Supreme Court ordered that the rebel MLAs can’t be forced to attend the floor test and that it should be left to their choice.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed Ramesh Kumar, the speaker of Karnataka assembly to decide on resignation of rebel MLAs with full liberty and with “appropriate time frame”.

Both the ruling coalition led by HD Kumaraswamy and opposition led by BJP senior leader Yedyurappa sought a trust vote in the house.

CM Kumaraswamy, surprising the opposition in the state, declared that he would seek a trust vote on the floor of the house. He claimed that he cannot continue in the position without the confidence of the house.

Sixteen MLAs of the ruling coalition in Karnataka have submitted their resignations. 13 out of 16 MLAS belong to Congress, and three form JD(S). Two other independent MLAs R Shankar and H Nagesh withdrew their support to the coalition.   

If the resignations were accepted, the strength of the coalition falls down to 101 of the 225 membered assembly paving way for the BJP which holds a majority of 105 seats to form the government.

On the other side, BJP is waiting to stake claim to form the government with a majority of 107 MLAs including two independents who pledged their support to the party only recently.

Meanwhile, the ruling coalition has issued a whip to the party MLAs saying the provisions of anti-defection law will be applied in the event of their absence during trust vote.

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