After hearing the arguments of all parties involved in the political turmoil in Karnataka, Supreme Court reserved its verdict to July 17.

The court was hearing the petitions filed by the 10 rebel MLAs, counter petition by Speaker and another petition filed by 5 rebel MLAs alleging coercion on Tuesday.

The apex court said it will take up for hearing the plea filed by 5 more rebel MLAs alleging that the ruling government is forcing the MLAs to support the ruling JDS coalition in Karnataka.

Speaking on behalf of Speaker Ramesh Kumar, Abhishek Manu Singhvi sought time to decide on the resignations and disqualifications.

Singhvi asked the Court “How can the speaker be directed to decide in a particular manner?” He argued that speakers are not fallible but he cannot be asked to decide the matter in time-bound manner. “Such orders are not passed even to a trial Court,” he added.

On the other hand, Mukul Roghatgi advocating the rebel MLAs case sought the top Court to direct the speaker to “decide on the resignations now.”

Rohatgi told the Court that disqualification proceedings were initiated against the rebel MLAs for not toeing the line of the ruling government.

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy says the rebel MLAs are hunting in pack to destabilize the coalition government. While maintaining that it is not under the jurisdiction of Supreme Court to pass orders to speaker he said the issue is not between the Supreme Court or the speaker.

The real issue at hand is between the Chief Minister and the person who wants to be a Chief Minister by bringing down the government added HD Kumaraswamy.


On July 11, hearing the petition of 10 rebel MLAs, the Supreme Court directed the speaker to take a decision by the end of the day.

The speaker later sought time from the apex court to satisfy himself, if the resignations were voluntary of forced.

Sixteen MLAs of the ruling coalition in Karnataka have submitted their resignations. If the resignations were accepted, the strength of the coalition falls down to 101 of the 224 membered assembly paving way for the BJP which holds a majority of 105 seats to form the government.


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