Karnataka, floods, relief material
Karnataka was ravaged by floods in August (image: twitter)

Devastating floods had ravaged North Karnataka in the month of August. Almost 60 people lost their lives, while many lost their homes and livelihoods.

In the wake of the destruction, large scale donations had poured in from several corners of the country. However, little was done to handle the relief material properly which was generously offered to the flood-inflicted families.

Tons of food was left to rot in the Gurubhavan Tehsildar office in Raichur district that never reached the victims —  who were in dire need of any relief material that might come from the farthest corners.

The material was supposed to be provided to the villages of Yargodi, Yala-gundhi, Kadad-ar-gadde and Hanchi-nala.

Negligence on the part of the officials in the Tehsil is being termed as the reason for the lapse as fungi infested the food items and clothes soaked wet for days.

Sources tell this was not the case for Raichur alone but many other districts faced the same fate.

Hitting out at Chief Minister Yediyurappa, Congress and JD(S) parties have said that he is only concerned about his chair with no regard for the public.

Activists have said they will protest against the authorities if the material is not distributed in the next few days and if suitable action is not taken against the negligent officials.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Tehsildar of the area has dismissed the allegations suggesting that 80 percent of the material has been distributed. The remaining items couldn’t be distributed as the officials were busy attending flood rehabilitation meetings.


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