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A woman from Karnataka’s Udipi district filed a complaint against her husband under the latest Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act 2019, popularly called as the Triple Talaq. It is believed to be the first recorded case after the Triple Talaq Act came into force.

27 year old Alfiya Akhtar who married 30 year old Hanif Sayyad alleged that her husband pronounced the word ‘Talaq’ thrice on August 15. He then left Alfiya at her parents’ house and threatened to kill her if she returned.

Alfiya also alleged that her husband Hanif and her in-laws have been harassing her to bring more dowry from her parents since their wedding which took place on July 4, earlier this year.

The victim’s parents already gave a dowry of Rs 2 lakh at the time of wedding, but after moving to the in-laws house in Hiriyadka village, she claimed they had been abusing her physically and mentally demanding a dowry of Rs 5 lakh.

The victim said she had managed to record a video proof when the incident took place. The police registered a case against Hanif and family under Dowry Prohibition Act and section 4 of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act 2019.

According to the provisions of the Triple Talaq bill, the act of unilateral pronouncement of the word ‘talaq’ thrice by a man in one sitting is a penal offence which entails a jail term of three years.

The practice of Triple Talaq or Talaq-e-biddat is followed by some schools of Islam wherein, such a pronouncement amounts to instant and irrevocable divorce.


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