In an incident that raises questions about women safety, a woman in Bengaluru has alleged that an Uber driver misbehaved with her and even threatened her of sexual abuse.

Narrating the horrifying incident in a social media post, the woman said that she was left abandoned in a “not so busy” road on Saturday night.

She also said that Uber’s safety system was of not much help and was “extremely messed up”.

“Today, I had the most traumatizing experience of my life. I got into an Uber cab after dinner with my colleagues. The cab driver was telling his friend on phone about customers being ‘very bad’,” she wrote in the post.

“Suddenly, he turned to me and told me that as an educated woman I should leave work before 7 p.m. and not go out drinking with colleagues. I told him I didn’t drink and asked him to mind his own business. He went on to call me slut also to say things like I can’t even be his keep who cleans his shoes (sic),” she added.

The driver, Sunil Kumar PS eventually slowed down the car and scared her. This prompted the woman to press the “safety button” on the Uber app.

The incident did not just end there, Uber support said that they ‘tried’ contacting her as a follow-up to the incident.

But the woman said that she did not receive any calls.

Sharing the images of her chat with Uber support, in another tweet she said, “The entire day I haven’t received a single call despite following up with you about my traumatic experience. Why do I have to keep following up for something so serious? #UnsafeUber #NotSoUber #Uber”

She further claimed that instead of calling her, the Uber support called the cab driver and, he started telling the customer care person that ‘I am extremely drunk’.

With no other choice left, the woman started screaming asking the customer care for help. She further said that the woman on the customer care spoke to her and she cried for help.

She told her to get out of the cab immediately and that she will book her another one.

Meanwhile, the cab driver started threatening her and said ‘I will tear your clothes if you don’t leave the cab now’.

The woman alleged that the Uber did not help her get another cab and just returned her money.

Uber has reportedly ordered an investigation into the incident, besides barring the driver from using its service in the interim period.

Also, this is not the first time that something like this has happened with Uber or Ola.

In the past, drivers have raped woman passengers and complaints of misbehaviour have also been filed.


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